“The Body Code System is like having a window into your subconscious mind – tapping into the data base of what you really need, and what really needs to be done to balance your body, and correct imbalances that can lead to symptoms.” Dr Brad Nelson


The Body Code system expands on the Emotion Code developed by Dr Bradley Nelson, with the addition of 5 additional areas of potential imbalance. These additional areas allow us to dig a little deeper, and widen the search for the underlying cause of what is bothering you. Although they are more physical in nature, it has been shown Trapped Emotions can play a part in causing imbalance in the areas set out below too.

I use Applied Kinesiology muscle testing to find and clear any imbalances in the 6 key areas below, that may be related to your presenting problems.

  1. Energies – Emotional, Post Traumatic, Mental, Offensive (The Emotion Code).
  2. Toxicity – Heavy Metals, EM Spectrum, Chemicals and Microbial residue.
  3. Circulatory – Organs, Glands, Chakras and Acupuncture Meridians
  4. Pathogens – Parasites, Fungi, Bacterial, Viral and Mold
  5. Structural – Bones, Nerves, Muscles and Connective Tissue
  6. Nutritional – pH imbalance, Foods, Herbs, Nutrients and Magnetic Field



Click here to watch a Body Code webinar with Dr Bradley Nelson


Body Sessions with Kate

body-code-badgeI have found I work best remotely, which allows a more focused and deeper connection with you – Not having to speak during a session allows me to stay in flow of where your energy needs balancing most.

This is called a distance proxy session where I muscle test myself, on your behalf. This means you’re not present either physically, on the phone or Skype when I conduct the session.

Having given you permission and filled out a Body Code Session Form, I work on the areas in your life you’re having specific concerns with, and release as many trapped emotions or heart wall emotions as your subconscious will allow in a 60 minute session.

Following the session I will email you a detailed report, and happy to answer any questions then. Specialising in distance email sessions enables me to work with you where ever you are in the world to receive the same results as if you were here in person.

Booking a Session is Easy

  1. Book and Pay for your session by going to the Bookings page (Click Here)
  2. Fill out a New or Follow Up Client Body Code Sessions Form, and attach a recent photo of yourself.
  3. Describe the areas of your life you would like to work on.
  4. I will confirm your session booking with an email, and complete your session within 3 working days.