Easily Discover the foods SABOTAGING your health,

AND the foods you CAN eat!


bio-compatibility-brochure-472x1024We often eat the same foods day in day out…….we all have our favourites, but what if those foods were contributing to you health problems? It could just be they are related to common foods you eat everyday.

Unfortunately, no matter how healthy theses foods are or how many times the label states all natural/organic, your body may still not be able to cope with them at the moment. These foods could be upsetting your immune system causing inflammation.  To make matters even more complicated, we often crave the very foods we react to.

An inflamed digestive tract is unable to uptake or assimilate nutrients properly – and often reacts to common foods and products you are exposed to everyday. This prevents your body from processing food as it was designed, leading to symptoms such as food allergies, sensitivities and intolerance, hormonal toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation and much much more.


Not all reactions to food are allergy!
Eg caffeine can cause headaches, animal fats can cause nausea, and yeast can cause bloating. Allergic reactions cause inflammation to tissues and nerves. Other foods can then aggravate this inflammation which are called an intolerance.

How does this test work or compare to other tests?

The Bio-Compatibility hair test is not testing for allergies, and does not test for disease. Dennis Hodges ND (the developer of Bio -Compatibility Hair Testing) worked for many years in the allergy field. He found that most foods that people reacted to did not show up in antibody tests. What most people pick up on is an aggravation to pre-existing inflammation. They may call it an allergy or intolerance but the response is usually acidic or a chemical burn affecting nerve endings. Dennis has developed Bio-Compatibility testing for over 30 years.

As a Body Code Practitioner, I look for and clear underlying imbalances in the body causing symptoms which may be physical or emotional in nature. Bio-Compatibility hair testing takes the load off the body, so it can repair naturally at the cellular level for long term balance.

Energetically Body and Emotion Code Sessions find and clear many imbalances nicely, but if your diet is not supporting your bodies proper function – your diet may be sabotaging your efforts to be well, perpetuating an inflammatory response.


The Bio-Compatibility Program

The Bio-Compatibility Hair Test uses a small piece of your hair and modern electronic equipment, to measure your bodies compatibility Bio Compatibility Hair Testagainst a standard list of over 500 + common LOCAL foods and household products including all food groups and bathroom, laundry and kitchen products.
We even test for CHOCOLATE!

The first stage in the program is getting the diet changes right, which will require a commitment from you to make the change that will benefit your health long term. It is important you eat /use only the foods tested that are compatible or ok for you to eat on your list – right down to the brand names. Additional items may be tested for a small additional fee.

In the second stage after 4 weeks on the program, we will reassess your progress and introduce any other therapies if required.

There are two specialty lists – one for testing babies and another for pets, along with lists for NZ, UK / Ireland, Malaysia, and Singapore on request.

Australian Baby List
Animal List


When will I see results?

Generally an improvement in your health issues will be seen in the first 4 weeks of changing your diet and other items that came up on your hair test list to avoid. Maximum improvement is seen when you avoid these items for at least 6 months.

Some people see symptom relief in a few days, while others may take 6 – 8 weeks. It all depends on how compromised your immune system is. Avoiding foods / products highlighted in RED on your list allows your immune system time to repair and rebalance itself. If you re-introduce these items before completing the 6 month avoidance reactions may return.

At 6 -9 months it is advisable to be retested to check if the offending items are still not compatible with you.  If this is the case, it may mean you need to avoid these item(s) altogether.

Bio-Compatibility Testing is available to anyone to purchase via Direct Deposit, Cheque or PayPal.  Just print out the order form and send it to the address on the form. Your test results will arrive by email in around two weeks.


“Over the last 20 years there have been huge changes in food technology. The advent of genetic engineering, the addition of an ever increasing number of chemical additives, irradiation, processing and soil depletion, have modified foods so much that they have lost a lot of their original therapeutic benefits. These changes combined with the mountain of nutritional information that is in circulation today, virtually makes it impossible to determine which foods are best suited to the individual. Even though a food item has gone through these radical changes, the big question for each of us is, is this food / product / supplement ok for me to us as an individual?” Dennis Hodges ND