Spring has sprung, and for many signals the time of year we strive to work off the few extra kilos that crept on over the comfort eating months of winter. For some of us, this is an annual event that usually begins with enthusiasm and copious amounts of rabbit food, but yet again fails as.. read more →

Why herbal teas? Herbs have been used in every culture all over the world to promote recovery, health and wellbeing – even Peter Rabbits mum knew chamomile would help Peter sleep and ease his upset tummy. Herbal teas are actually infusions called tisane, made from mixtures of dried leaves, seeds, grasses, nuts, barks, fruits, flowers,.. read more →

Are the foods you are eating to blame for symptoms…… other than your digestive ones?   Do you struggle with the idea that your favourite foods might be the underlying cause of your sinus congestion, anxiety, headaches, achy joints or even worse your autoimmune condition? How can that be? It’s all about delayed inflammatory reactions,.. read more →

A simple test to tell if your have low stomach acid or weak digestion.   The Beet Test Avid vegetable juicers have been there.  Remember that scary moment you first discovered your urine had gone pink?  Thoughts you had developed a serious problem with your water works rushed through your mind, but on investigation you.. read more →

I was introduced to Essential oils way back in the 90’s in NZ while I was still Nursing. At the time, I was longing to return home and found the oils were able to uplift my mood, and diffusing them in the house had a calming and relaxing effect on my troop of 3 little.. read more →

I was recently reminded that Australian Bush Flower Essences are a must have in the medicine cabinet or handbag for those little emergencies. My girls were moving out to their new flat, and I popped a bottle of Emergency Essence Oral Spray in a box of things I was taking over as a gift from.. read more →

Muscle testing can tell us about the overall health and balance in our bodies, commonly used to correct spinal misalignments and other imbalances which is widely accepted. (2) The muscle monitoring technique is not a test of strength, but evaluates the tension in the muscle and the smoothness of the response, able to highlight stresses.. read more →