As a Naturopath I Believe that Health and Healing involves so Much More than Just our Physical Bodies


get-to-know-the-real-you-behind-the-emotional-baggageMy aim is to FIND THE CAUSE of your symptoms, and not just cover them up with medications and supplements!  I have found many times over, the true underlying cause of many of my clients discomfort comes from a much deeper cause.  If you are willing to dig a little deeper and trust your intuition, you too can find the source of your problems, and eliminate them for good.

I believe the best place to start is with the Emotion Code developed by Dr Bradley Nelson, which gives everyone the ability to easily find imbalances in the body and correct them, using the Emotion Code and muscle testing.
Dr Brad offers the Emotion Code Book  (Click here)
Dr Brads 4 part video series explaining the Emotion Code (Click here)

When I started out in Naturopathic practice my focus and special interest was treating digestive disorders and underlying leaky gut, based on the latest scientific evidence and traditional Naturopathic practices.
Over time I found my clients needed more than just the physical approach, and I was drawn to incorporate many energetic modalities  –  Australian Bush Flower Essences, Reiki and Touch for Health Kinesiology to support the emotional side of healing which played a major part of my clients successful outcomes. I now believe the Emotion Code and Body Code are able to transform lives at a much deeper level.

Today I continue to recommend Bio-Compatibility Hair Testing, as it is the only test available that gives you a list of foods you CAN eat right down to the brand names.  Emotion and Body Code sessions correct both physical and emotional imbalances, but if we continue eating foods on a daily basis that are NOT COMPATIBLE with our body they sabotage all that good work.

I certified as an Emotion Code Practitioner in 2013 developed by Dr Bradley Nelson a Chiropractor and Medical Intuitive from America, and in 2015 completed Body Code Certification.

Change is hard especially when your family and friends don’t support you, or you have tried making changes before that didn’t quite live up to your expectations leaving you feeling a little unsure of the right path for you. I believe our emotional baggage (we all pick up over a lifetime), prevents us from moving forward in life …… healthy changes included.

The Emotion and Body Code effortlessly uncover underlying energetic imbalances in the body, which show up as presenting symptoms. These imbalances are easily found through muscle testing either in person, or remotely via distance anywhere in the world. I have found the Emotion and Body Code technique so successful, that i have decided to make them the focus of my practice from 2014.

Although I have now fully embraced working exclusively with the Emotion / Body Code and energy medicine in my practice, I am still a firm believer in Naturopathic lifestyle principles, and will continue to incorporate my knowledge of diet and nutrition in my Emotion and Body Code sessions where applicable.


  • Enrolled Nurse Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital 1983 emotional baggage
  • Advanced Diploma Naturopathy 2004
  • Bachelor of Health Science Complementary Medicine 2005
  • Touch for Health Kinesiology 2005
  • Reiki Master /Teacher 2010
  • Angel Intuitive Certified by Doreen Virtue 2011
  • Certified Emotion Code Practitioner 2013
  • Certified Body Code Practitioner 2015

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